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SLA in Twin Cities MN

SLA in Twin Cities MN | SLA Printers

If you work in the manufacturing, design, engineering, aerospace or automotive industry, chances are that you have faced the need to 3D print a component. In addition to specialized equipment and skills, you also need access to an affordable yet reliable 3D printing solution. SLA Printers from AdvancedTek provide fast processing with outstanding surface quality for accurate prototype prints and durable production-grade parts. SLA in Twin Cities MN

What is SLA?

SLA in Twin Cities MN, otherwise known as stereolithography is a process by which components and parts are created using a laser to cure layers out of a photosensitive polymer liquid (resins). This type of 3D printing is often used by the medical field as it is particularly adept at allowing creators to not only visualize their ideas and concepts in 3 dimensions, but also to further refine their ideas based on this visual feedback. Stereolithography is well-known for its ability to create finished prints that have a polished look, and a smooth surface with no need for additional post processing. The three main benefits of stereolithography include adaptability, cost savings, and precision.


Especially compared to other manufacturing methods, stereolithography is capable of transforming an idea into a fully fledged component efficiently. The Stratasys Neo Series 3D Printers has a scanning speed of up to 10 m/s, which can vastly improve production times. Production time can be a huge setback during your manufacturing process. For engineers who want to maximize the time they have to test out prototypes and further develop their designs, and lengthy printing process can be a huge detriment. That’s what makes stereolithography 3D printing systems so desirable- they can produce components, parts, prototypes, and anything else you need in a timely fashion to get you back to what you were doing. This can help engineers get their designs into production faster, which means they’re able to generate more revenue and make a bigger impact on their business. Not only that, but the smooth finish the SLA is known for means that you won’t have to spend additional time polishing or otherwise refining the surface of your print to prepare it. While smooth surfaces are often desired, SLA 3D printers are adaptable enough to provide you with surfacing options, and allow for the creation of textured finishes with ease.


One feature that makes the Stratasys Neo Series of SLA 3D printers truly unique is just how much customer feedback is not only encouraged, but is utilized to further improve the system with software updates. This already easy to use software can be improved even further with both part-traceability and machine utilization reporting. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to constantly check in on the quality of your prints, our experts at AdvancedTek understand. The Stratasys Neo Series SLA printers keep you updated with a built-in camera, and even progress reports and status update emails. Contact AdvnacedTek about SLA in Twin Cities MN so we can help you with your next project!


To give you truly as many options as possible, the Stratasys Neo Series is compatible with all 355nm SL resins, meaning you can pick the best material not just for your project, but also your budget. Using stereolithography, you can take advantage of the quick production time to catch mistakes early on, which can save your company not only time but money on quality control. Another additional benefit of stereolithography printers is the reusability of resins. When resins have not yet been cured, they can be reused on different projects- not just saving you money, but also helping to save the planet with sustainable production methods. Our team can help you choose the right SLA printer for your company, or offer our printing services to show you the true advantage of a stereolithography 3D printer.


The Stratasys Neo Series 3D printers offer precise sidewall quality- and can create part or component sidewalls with a scanning resolution that is within one micron, which helps to vastly reduce finishing time normally required for products by up to 50%. Precision computer-guided designs, coupled with advanced production techniques, have made it possible to produce multiple parts that can be assembled into a more complex whole. This ability also makes designing changes easier by breaking down complex designs into component parts, which can then be adjusted individually. For designers, SLA printers are usually used either as a rapid prototyping tool, or as a tool for creating functional models for production. SLA printers excel in the former case: prototypes can be whipped up very quickly, and don’t require too much post-processing.

If you’re interested in working with a company that has 30 years’ experience in the 3D printing industry, AdvancedTek is the upper Midwest’s partner for 3D printing and post-processing solutions.  Our industrial 3D printers allow professionals to create Concept Models, Functional Prototypes, Manufacturing Tooling, and End-User Parts quickly and affordably. We can even help you speed along your prototyping process with our 3D printing service. You can find out more about us by checking out our website here.

SLA in Twin Cities MN

SLA in Twin Cities MN

SLA in Twin Cities MN

SLA in Twin Cities MN