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EOS Metal

//The standard in metal 3D printing.

30+ Years at the Forefront of AM Innovation

Founded as an independent company in 1989, EOS is a pioneer in the development of integrated additive manufacturing solutions. EOS has mastered the interactions between lasers and powdered materials, and they pride themselves on going above and beyond purely technical capabilities.

Committed to Your Success

EOS strives to exceed customers’ high expectations and provide them with a true competitive edge. Their goal is to find the right path for your production needs by drawing on their comprehensive areas of expertise. From system know-how to optimizing AM for your production, they provide added value through advanced technology and leading industry knowledge.

Responsible Manufacturing

EOS is dedicated to using their long-standing and pioneering expertise at the service of leading the world into responsible manufacturing and supporting customers in achieving their sustainability targets. 3D printed products inherently provide added value when it comes to responsible manufacturing: lightweight designs help to reduce carbon emissions, functional integration, and product designs solving complex manufacturing challenges while minimizing waste. EOS provides a wide range of AM sustainability solutions for your manufacturing needs. 

EOS Quality-Verified Portfolio of 3D Printing Metal Powders

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