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PostProcess Support & Resin Removal Solutions

Below is a list of PostProcess Support & Resin Removal Solutions

Spray Systems



The PostProcess® VORSA™ FDM support removal solution offers a large work envelope and delivers uniform, high-quality results for every part, regardless of geometry, with short cycle times to meet your high-volume production needs. The VORSA 500 provides delicate to robust support removal with higher throughput using patented Volumetric Velocity Dispersion (VVD) technology to ensure complete part coverage and support removal. With multidimensional spray technology, the VORSA 500 allows for remarkably quick dry times while maintaining part integrity as parts won’t become saturated with detergent.

No other system in the world combines hardware tailored for 3D post-printing with custom software and additive formulated consumables. With our proprietary Agitation Algorithms ensuring precision-controlled energy and controlling the flow of our additive-formulated detergents, the PostProcess VORSA delivers consistent hands-free support removal from 3D printed FDM parts.

Click to download the VORSA 500 PDF Specifications.


The patent-pending BASE™ offers the largest envelope in PostProcess’ Support Removal series of machines and delivers uniform, high-quality results for every part, regardless of geometry, with short cycle times to meet high-volume production needs. The BASE removes supports from the following 3D printing technologies: FDM, SLA, PolyJet, CLIP, and more. The BASE provides delicate to robust support removal with higher throughput using Volumetric Velocity Dispersion (VVD) technology to ensure complete part coverage. The system is ruggedly designed for the largest additive manufactured parts, with an envelope measuring 53″ L x 30″ W x 32″ H.

PostProcess’ proprietary Volume Velocity Dispersion (VVD) technology, a series of high volume and flow jet streams spraying bidirectionally coupled with perpendicular linear motion for mechanically assisted support removal, ensures fast cycle times with virtually no damaged parts. Because of the high-volume (200 GPM), low-pressure system (35 PSI), parts feel a powerful yet gentle, all-encompassing flow of detergent that also keeps the part in place. Once applied, the constant force felt by the part reduces the risk of damaging parts. One result of the bi-directional jetting action is the part remains stationary and avoids any potential collisions that a circulation tank may subject parts to damage.

By combining PostProcess’ proprietary AUTOMAT3D™ software program with precisely controlled energy and exclusive eco-friendly detergents, the BASE delivers consistent, hands-free support removal for 3D printed parts. Our solution accelerates your operations with features like intelligent cycle time programming, customizable settings, one-touch repeatability with recipe storage, and pre-programmed preventative maintenance schedules.

PostProcess thought of all the ways to make your post-printing more efficient – built-in rinse capability to ensure detergent and residue are eliminated after the supports have been removed, a counter-weighted vertical sliding door, and a viewing window into the LED lighted chamber. Utilizing noise reducing features for a low dBa, the BASE All Process ensures minimal additional noise is added to your production floor environment.

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Submersion Systems

DEMI X 520

When precision and efficiency matter most, the DEMI X 520 for Resin Removal from PostProcess Technologies sets the new standard in automated post-processing for resin. Engineered to deliver unparalleled results, this innovative full-stack solution combines cutting-edge technology, intelligent software, and specially formulated chemistry to optimize your post-printing workflow.

PostProcess’s AUTOMAT3D® software is specifically designed for industrial resin removal applications, and is designed to guide users seamlessly through processing requirements specific to their application. Whether it’s adjusting time, temperature, or agitation, these tailored experiences ensure a smooth, efficient, and error-free operation for your unique needs. It allows features recipe storage which allows you to store your processing parameters for future use.

The DEMI X 520 for Resin Removal uses patent-pending Axial Flow Technology™, which is part of PostProcess’s Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) family of technology. The new Axial Flow Agitation design allows for adjustable flow, reducing the risk of part damage and guaranteeing safe, optimal outcomes for each component. This approach ensures fast and uniform removal of resin and support structures from 3D printed parts.

Say goodbye to manual interventions with the Automatic Lift System. The DEMI X 520 for Resin Removal minimizes the need for operator involvement, ensuring consistent and efficient post-processing. Real-time visibility into the post-processing journey is at your fingertips, thanks to the LED Chamber Lighting, offering immediate insights into the status of each component.

The DEMI X 520 Resin Removal Solution, featuring a unique combination of PLM-403-SUB detergent in the hardware, followed by a rinse step using AUX-400-RINSE with the provided sample container.

Click to download the DEMI X 520 PDF Specifications.

DEMI 400 Series

DEMI 400The PostProcess® DEMI 400™ Series Support & Resin Removal submersion solutions deliver automated removal of PolyJet and FDM supports and excess resin for SLA, CLIP, and DLP technologies. All versions in the DEMI 400 Series includes PostProcess’ patented Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology – the system uses a rotating motion while the part is immersed in fluid and ensures even exposure to the induced mechanical agitation. Utilizing the proprietary software and paired with PostProcess’ exclusive detergents, the right amount of time, and exact temperature based on the material and geometry of the 3D printed part, the DEMI 400 delivers precise, hands-free post-printing for additive manufacturing workflows.

Click to download the DEMI 400 Series PDF Specifications.

DEMI 800

DEMI 800

When throughput is essential, the PostProcess® DEMI 800™ Series automated submersion systems are engineered to meet the demands of volume production while ensuring consistency of every part. The varying specifications of our models ensure a range of features are available for your automated post-printing needs. All models incorporate PostProcess’ proprietary software program and additive formulated detergents for a complete additive manufacturing post-print solution.

The DEMI 800 Series uses PostProcess’ patented Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology and removes PolyJet and FDM supports or excess resin. PostProcess’ SVC technology utilizes agitated flow to effectively remove PolyJet and FDM supports with a ‘sink-float’ process to rotate parts throughout the chamber. This variable motion, combined with optimal energy delivery and detergent filtration, results in fast and uniform removal. With the motion of fluids within the machine controlled by the Agitation Algorithms, sensor data adjusts in real-time so that parts are not damaged and removal of supports and resin is consistent.

The DEMI 800 Series integrates a number of design features for ease of use and integration into your 3D printing operations, like noise reduction for a low dBa, a powerful magnetically driven pump, and advanced filters for extended detergent life. A fully insulated tank to keep the temperature consistent for energy efficiency, a basket to remove parts from the system and harness at the top of the unit, and ergonomically friendly tank orientation are just a few of the uniquely engineered features. The PostProcess DEMI 800 Series is available in a variety of models based on your unique application needs.

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DEMI 4000

PostProcess DEMI 4000Leveraging proven submersion technology, the DEMI 4000™ is the world’s only large scale software-driven 3D post-printing solution for high-volume stereolithography (SLA) production.

The DEMI 4000’s powered lift system allows for automatic lowering and heightening of tray loads. This ergonomic feature saves floor space and messy bath transfers by eliminating the need for multiple machines and allows for same-height loading of multiple build trays and consistent, operator-free processing.

Measuring 890mm x 890mm x 635mm, the DEMI 4000’s tank is designed to hold 275 gallons of resin removal chemistry. At this size, the tank can handle heavy loads of parts at one time, effectively increasing throughput and improving cycle times for all part sizes. Additionally, as a fully-enclosed system with a ventilation port, the DEMI 4000 ensures safety for operators and manages the work environment to control fumes and contain resin and detergent.

AUTOMAT3D™ software takes the guesswork out of post-printing and reduces operator labor time with pre-programmed recipes. The software controls the agitation intensities, temperatures, process times, and more to deliver consistently complete resin removal. AUTOMAT3D optimizes the rate of resin removal with advanced ultrasonics, an advanced pumping scheme, as well as heat and variable fluid flow. The system was designed with optimal operator ergonomics including multi-touch HMI with glass screen and stainless-steel wash-down control buttons and interface panel.

PostProcess® offers a comprehensive suite of detergents, each uniquely optimized for post-processing of numerous resins from various manufacturers. This extends to specialized applications such as ceramic-filled resins and high-temp resins.  

Our newest generation of detergent was found to have better longevity than all typical solvents (e.g. IPA, TPM, DPM), and an exceedingly safe flashpoint over 200°F / 93°C. This equates to less frequent chemical change-outs, improved environmental friendliness, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Click to download the DEMI 4000 PDF Specifications.