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SAF Engineering-Grade Polymers

Below is a list of SAF Engineering-Grade Polymers
High Yield PA11

//Production-grade plastic parts for high-volume demands.

SAF H350 Industrial Print Head Protective CaseHigh Yield
Stratasys High Yield PA11 enables a high nesting density while maintaining high part consistency to deliver production yields.

Superior properties
In additive manufacturing, PA12 is the go-to material for prototyping. But in traditional high-volume production of end-use parts, PA11 is much more widely used due to its higher ductility, higher impact and higher fatigue resistance as well as its suitability for a wider range of industry applications. PA11 is also eco-friendly and 100 percent bio-based from sustainable castor oil.

Typical applications:

  • Strong, Functional parts – ideal for load-bearing applications with movement such as hinges.
  • Impact-resistant parts – includes shatter-proof trims as well as durable housings and covers.
  • Smooth, end-use products – consumer-facing products that require high quality finishing.

High Yield PA11 System Compatibility:

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//A versatile polymer for powder bed technologies High Volume. High Accuracy. Low Costs.

SAF™ PA12 parts are stiffer than PA11 and perfect for those applications where rigidity is an important application requirement. At volume, SAF PA12 allows for fine feature resolution, strength and accuracy build after build, and is most suitable for higher tolerance requirements such as for assemblies and connector applications.

SAF PA12 on the H350 platform has three strong advantages:
(1) Tight thermal control improves consistency and allows higher nesting densities and thus more parts per build.
(2) Requires just one fluid, High Absorption Fluid (HAF), to produce lower cost predictable parts.
(3) Leftover PA12 can be re-used in future builds as it’s engineered to withstand the process with minimal ageing.

SAF PA12 System Compatibility:

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