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F123 Composite-Ready 3D Printers

//Print stronger parts with carbon fiber 3D printers.

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Material Options

  • ABS-M30 in six colors for great tensile, impact and flexural strength
  • ASA for UV stability and the best aesthetics
  • FDM TPU 92A for flexibility and stretch with abrasion and tear resistance
  • ABS-CF10 for the stiffness of carbon fiber
  • FDM Nylon-CF10 for high strength, high stiffness-to-weight ratio, and chemical resistance
  • ABS-ESD7 for static dissipation (F370CR only)
  • PC-ABS for the highest impact strength, plus the mechanical properties and heat resistance of PC and the surface appeal of ABS (F370CR only)
  • Diran 410F07 for production of jigs, fixtures and other forms of general manufacturing tooling (F370CR only)

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System Features

Build size:
F190CR: 305 x 254 x 305 mm (12 x 10 x 12 in)
F370CR: 355 x 254 x 355 mm (14 x 10 x 14 in)


Layer thicknesses:
0.330 mm (0.013 in) ABS-M30, ABS-CF10, ASA, PC-ABS, Diran, FDM Nylon-CF10
0.254 mm (0.010 in) ABS-M30, ABS-CF10, ASA, PC-ABS, Diran, FDM TPU 92A, ABS-ESD7, FDM Nylon-CF10
0.178 mm (0.007 in) ABS-M30, ABS-CF10, ASA, PC-ABS, Diran, FDM TPU 92A, ABS-ESD7, FDM Nylon-CF10
0.127 mm (0.005 in) ABS-M30, ASA, PC-ABS


Material delivery:
F190CR: 2 material spool bays, 1 for model, 1 for support
F370CR: 4 material spool bays, 2 for model, 2 for support; auto material changeover


System Requirements:
Windows 10 (64-bit only) and Window 11 with a minimum of 4GB RAM (8GB or more recommended)


Support Structure:
F190CR: QSR Soluble Support
F370CR: QSR Soluble Support, SUP400B Breakaway Support


F190CR: GrabCAD Print™, GrabCAD Print Pro™
F370CR: GrabCAD Print™, GrabCAD Print Pro™, Insight™

Recommended support cleaning systems:
Oryx sca1200ht / Oryx sca3600


Network connectivity:
Wired: TCP/IP protocols at 100 Mbps minimum 100 base T, Ethernet protocol, RJ45 connector
Wireless: IEEE 802.11n, g, or b; Authentication: WPA2-PSK, 802.1x EAP Encryption: CCMP, TKIP


Size and weight:
1,626 x 864 x 711 mm (64 x 34 x 28 in.), 227 kg (500 lbs)


Power requirements:
100–132V/15A or 200–240V/7A. 50/60 Hz


Regulatory compliance:
CE, FCC, EAC, EMC (low-voltage directive), CE, TUV, FCC, RC, RCM, EAC, RoHs, WEEE, Reach


Operating environment:
Operating: Temperature: 15 – 30 ºC (59 – 86 ºF), Humidity: 30 – 70% RH
Storage: Temperature: 0 – 35 ºC (32 – 95 ºF), Humidity: 20 – 90% RH