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Manufacturing Tooling

//Streamline production and customize on the fly

Performance 3D production systems build manufacturing tooling in production-grade materials, including high-performance engineering thermoplastics like ULTEM 9085. With FDM Technology, you can quickly customize tooling for faster reaction, shrink costs and reduce your risk with traditional production. Produce jigs, fixtures, tool masters and even low-volume production tooling in-house in hours or days, including blow molding, fiber layup, modular fixtures, RTV molding, sand casting, spin casting and thermoforming.

Precision 3D production systems produce tool masters with fine feature detail and smooth surfaces right out of the build chamber. Low-volume production tooling means you can create prototypes from the same process and materials that you’ll use for the final product, and bring new products to market even while you wait for the final tooling to arrive from the machine shop.


Genesis Systems Group
FDM End of Arm Tools Deliver Quick, Cost-Effective Results

“Normally it would take weeks to get traditional grippers made. With the FDM gripper, you can have a new end of arm tool complete and bolted up to the robot within a day or so.” – Doug Huston / Genesis Systems Group

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