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Surfacing Systems

Below is a list of Surfacing Systems
Powershot S

DyeMansion Powershot S Surfacing SystemThe DyeMansion Powershot S blasting surfacing system for 3D printed parts uses proprietary PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) to achieve end-use parts with a superior finish.

  • Non-abrasive
  • Cycle time of only 10 minutes
  • Capacity of a mid-sized build job per run
  • Delivers unique semi-gloss looks and pleasant haptics

PSS works perfectly for hard plastics like PA12 or PA11 across all geometries.

Download the Powershot S datasheet

Powerfuse S

DyeMansion Powerfuse S VaporFuse Surfacing SystemThe DyeMansion Powerfuse S is the first green and industrial vapor polishing solution for 3D printed parts that uses proprietary VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS) to deliver sealed and washable parts with injection molding like surfaces.

  • Solvent approved for food contact
  • Closed loop
  • No waste
  • Integrated recovery of solvent

VFS works for all common plastics and particularly for flexible polymers such as TPU, for which mechanical techniques are not suitable. Available with manual or automatic loading.

Download the Powerfuse S datasheet