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Functional Prototypes

//Prove and perfect your designs with tough, precise testing

Get to market faster by building prototypes quickly in-house. Correct errors and make improvements early in the design process when it’s least costly.

For functional prototypes in production-grade thermoplastics such as ABS and PC, and for high-performance prototypes that withstand thermal, chemical and mechanical stress, rely on Stratasys FDM Technology. Tough prototypes and custom test fixtures will help you take functional testing to a new level for superior performance data and certification confidence.

For amazingly realistic prototypes with the look and feel of your next finished product, including soft-touch parts, clear components, living hinges and shock absorption, put Stratasys PolyJet technology to work. With the capability to print multiple materials in one automated build, and rubber-like materials in a range of Shore values, you can test with unsurpassed realism and experiment with greater freedom.

Speed Production with FDM Nylon 12 Prototypes and Fixtures

“We can now make nylon prototypes with nearly the exact same properties as production parts.” – Gary Hansen / RedDOT

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