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GrabCAD Print Pro™
Premium 3D Printing Software
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Stratasys F123 Composite-Ready Series
Print strong, rigid parts and tools.
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Origin One

For production parts and tooling with next-level part quality. At scale.

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EOS Metal

Unleash the Power of DMLS 3D Printing

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Cleaning, Surfacing and Coloring Systems
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3D Printers

AdvancedTek applies its more than 25 years of industry knowledge and experience to connect designers and engineers with 3D printers that meet their business needs, goals and opportunities.

Post Processing Solutions

AdvancedTek offers a broad range of innovative post-processing solutions for cleaning, surface finishing, and coloring of 3D printed parts.

AdvancedTek champions cutting-edge technology to provide innovative business solutions to our clients.
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Our customers trust us to connect them with technology tailored to match their individual business goals and opportunities. We use our industry expertise and experience to educate potential clientele about how AdvancedTek’s solutions can impact their business. Every AdvancedTek customer receives superior service and support, forming strong, long lasting relationships.

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Distribution available for the following states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota & South Dakota.

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