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EOS Metal Materials

//The most comprehensive portfolio of materials in industrial metal 3D printing.

Heat Exchanger EOS M 290

Freedom of Design

DMLS is the perfect solution when conventional manufacturing technologies reach their limits. By using metal 3D printer, the design guides the production and not vice versa. That gives you maximum creative freedom and the possibility to create individual designs.

Complex Structure

Metal 3D printing allows to create highly complex structures which would be difficult or impossible to manufacture by using conventional technologies. As the structures are extremely lightweight and stable, functional optimization and integration without additional assembly steps are possible.

Increased Productivity

With DMLS technology it is possible to create prototypes in the early development phase of a 3D printed product. That leads to a faster product development and market introduction. Besides, metal 3D printer open new possibilities for the mass production of 3D printed industrial parts.

Tailored Solutions

DMLS allows flexible solutions for every special need in the field of metal additive manufacturing. By using 3D CAD data designs can be easily adapted and products are manufactured in very short time frames