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Selective Absorption Fusion in Omaha NE

Selective Absorption Fusion in Omaha NE | Industrial SAF printer

At AdvancedTek, we understand that your engineering or manufacturing team wants to make the most informed decisions they can about their 3D printing technology. That’s why we provide our clients with information and advice on how they can improve their products, processes, and business in the future. We believe that by making informed decisions about your 3D printer, you will be able to boost efficiency and reduce costs while also improving the quality of your product. However, not every 3D printer is created equal, and while some systems may be the perfect match for your designing or manufacturing project, others may not be a good fit. That’s why it’s important to find a 3D printing company that can help you select the right printer for your needs. The experts at AdvancedTek can assist with this process, and we work with our clients to make sure they get the best value for their money when purchasing a new system. If you want to find out more about Selective Absorption Fusion in Omaha NE, reach out to AdvancedTek today!

What is SAF in 3D printing?

SAF stands for Selective Absorption Fusion, and is a method of 3D printing that is known for its precision and consistency between prints. Selective Absorption Fusion uses infrared absorption fluid to fuse particles in a polymer powder bed together into layers, which eventually form into a 3-dimensional object. This method of 3D printing can be used for concept modeling, prototyping, or even end-use products. The benefit of using SAF printing for products or projects is its speed, convenience, and complete customization. SAF printing is an excellent solution for designers and engineers who need to create products quickly. With SAF technology, you can have a 3D model in your hand within hours or days of ordering the service. This allows companies to save time and money when prototyping new designs or making changes to existing products. If you’re looking to purchase a line of Stratasys H350 3D printers to your production lines, or a single system for your engineers or designers, you can reach out to our experts at AdvancedTek to learn more. You can even take advantage of our 3D printing services to test this method of 3D printing against other units to find the perfect type for your company.

Stratasys SAF H350 3D Printer

At AdvancedTek, we offer the Stratasys SAF H350 3D Printer for those who want control over their production costs. This system is exceptional at helping business owners grow their company through volume production and consistent print quality with full functional parts.


Using the H350 printer from Stratasys, you can take control of the consistency of either your prototypes, concept models, or even final end-us products. This system is designed to produce a high volume of parts without sacrificing accuracy or consistency. What makes this style of printing particularly effective is its smooth surface finish, which is capable of retaining a high level of detail without obvious layer lines as some other styles of 3D printing like fused deposition modeling produce.

Dependable and Hands-Off

When it comes to manufacturing a large scale of products at once, nothing slows down production more than a system that requires hand holding the entire way. The H350 is capable of giving you complete operation control; meaning you’ll be able to track the materials used during printing, log your build data, and easily adjust print settings with effortless and intuitive software. This system is designed to last, with industrial quality printheads and simple but effective nesting.


The H350 system from Stratasys produces high quality prints after just one pass, with no need to make multiple passes over the same area. This is a huge time saver, especially when it comes to large-scale production. When time equals money, the H350 will save you a lot of both.

Control Costs

Instead of manufacturing separate components in our products individually and with separate production lines, manage your projects with a single 3D printing system. Get consistent and reliable results, and control production costs with up to 80% reusable powder. Additional savings include reduced repair costs due to reliable printheads that last through the life of the machine and a 12% nesting density. The H350 also comes standard with a top-of-the-line powder management system. It’s designed to minimize waste and improve overall process efficiency. This allows you to save money by using only the amount of material needed for each print job. Overall, the H350 is an excellent selective absorption style printer.

If you’re interested in a company with over 25 years in the business, AdvancedTek can help you achieve anything from Concept Modeling, Functional Prototypes, Manufacturing Tooling, End-User Parts, 3D printers, Post Processing, to Vacuum Forming, and more! We can even help you speed along your prototyping process with our 3D printing service. You can find out more about us by checking out our website here. If you want to find out more about Selective Absorption Fusion in Omaha NE, reach out to AdvancedTek today!

Selective Absorption Fusion in Omaha NE

Selective Absorption Fusion in Omaha NE

Selective Absorption Fusion in Omaha NE

Selective Absorption Fusion in Omaha NE