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SAF in Omaha NE | What is Selective Absorption 3D Printing?

Selective Absorption refers to a process in 3D printing where powders are selectively fused with polymers to create a three dimensional object, layer by layer. Selective Absorption Fusion is a type of 3D printing can be used for anything from prototyping to fully realized product components, and is often used in the medical, aerospace and automotive industries. SAF in Omaha NE

What is SAF?

Selective Absorption Fusion, or SAF, is a method of 3D printing where a bed fusion of polymer powders, using highly refined print heads, use a high absorption fluid to define the area where a 3D printed product or component will be made. This powder bed is then fused together using infrared energy layer by layer.

Made for Manufacturing

What makes the SAF process so unique is that it was made specifically for the manufacturing industry- which means it has been made with the specific intention of being both repeatable and reliable. Quality is controlled using an advanced thermal control system, which ensures that every component is reliably manufactured. 3D printing is often associated with being a complicated process. However, with the developments in technology and machines that exist today, 3D printing has become an accessible tool for both amateurs and professionals alike.


Like many 3D printers, SAF is a unidirectional print process, which means that every single layer will take exactly the same amount of time to print, regardless of how complex the actual component or product being printed is. This also means that we can ensure industry-best nesting density possible, maximizing space and saving time and money during production. Once again, this proves just how effective SAF in Omaha NE is when it comes to manufacturing large numbers of products or components at once.

Environmentally Conscious

Any powder that is unused during the 3D printing process is reused and recycled for further production, which helps to lower costs during the manufacturing process. If your company is one that wants to watch their environmental impact, picking a production method like Selective Absorption Fusion can dramatically cut out multiple steps in the production process, and can reuse powder between prints to ensure any waste encountered during the production process is kept to a minimum.

Design, engineering and manufacturing

When it comes to your company’s product or part components, we understand that you want the best possible option. That’s why we recommend our customers consider a range of design and manufacturing options, from selective absorption fusion to stereolithography (SLA), and more. These processes are all designed to deliver a quality product that can be used for multiple applications in your industry. What makes SAF so desirable for many manufacturers is its ability to quickly and efficiently produce many components without every compromising quality or consistency.

Can you handle production quantities?

If you’ve been struggling with deciding if 3D printing is right for your business due to a fear of production size, understand that the SAF method was literally designed to handle large production quantities. Compared to other 3D printing methods, SAF optimizes space and time while providing you with an end product that is consistent and of admirable quality. SAF uses a unique technology that allows it to produce parts in large quantities while still maintaining their quality and consistency. This is why SAF is so popular with manufacturers of all sizes—it can handle any size order.

How long does it take to print my part?

The time it takes to 3D print your component or product depends on a few factors, but when using SAF in Omaha NE, complexity is not one of them. A benefit of using 3D printing is that aspects of your product that would normally slow down production due to complexity or detail will have no effect on the time it takes to finish a 3D print. The only factors you will need to consider are size and material- size in particular changes how many components can be printed on one bed at a time, which will change how long it takes to print your part.

Do you provide Design Assistance?

Here at AdvancedTek, we can use our 25 plus years of experience, alongside our engineering and design experts to help you find the best solution for your business. For some, this involves taking advantage of our 3D printing services, while others prefer to purchase their own 3D printing technology and post-processing technology themselves. We can guide you through which machines make the most sense for your business. While we do not offer design assistance, where we can provide assistance is with our 3D printing services, and recommendations on what machines and technology makes the most sense for your company. 

If you’re interested in a company with over 25 years in the business, AdvancedTek can help you achieve anything from Concept Modeling, Functional Prototypes, Manufacturing Tooling, End-User Parts, polymer and metal 3D printers, Post Processing Solutions, to Vacuum Formers, and more! We can even help you speed along your prototyping process with our 3D printing service. You can find out more about us by checking out our website here. If you are interested in learning more about SAF in Omaha NE, reach out to AdvancedTek today!

SAF in Omaha NE

SAF in Omaha NE

SAF in Omaha NE

SAF in Omaha NE

SAF in Omaha NE