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FDM in St Paul MN

FDM in St Paul MN | FDM Printers

FDM style printers are the most commonly used 3D printers on the market today, and it’s no surprise why. This style of printing is the most popular type of 3D printing, and is otherwise known as Fused Deposition Modeling. Using this method, 3D printers extrude a melted filament one layer at a time from the ground up to produce a cooled and hardened component or product. This nozzle will build objects from the ground up, and is able to manufacture complex items more easily than some other methods of manufacturing that don’t use 3D printing. Stratasys’s FDM 3D printers are an excellent choice for engineers who need to create industrial grade prototypes, models, or other components at short notice. FDM in St Paul MN

Stratasys FDM 3D Printers

F123 Series

The F123 Series of 3D printers from Stratasys produces industrial-grade products with streamlined and easy to use controls. The F123 Series is ideal for engineers who need to create industrial-grade prototypes, models, or other components at short notice. This specific series of 3D printers uses auto-calibration, along with easy material swaps, for dependable results. To use this printer, engineers and designers simply need to plug in the printer to get started! The F123 Series is also designed with accuracy and repetition in mind, meaning you can expect reliable results with engineering-grade materials. For those who have never used a 3D printer before, the F123 series makes it easy: simply using the GrabCAD Print software, you can take existing CAD files and make them print-ready almost instantaneously. If you are looking for FDM in St Paul MN, reach out to AdvancedTek!

F123 Composite-Ready Series

The F123 Composite-Ready series is made for carbon fiber or engineering-grade thermoplastics, providing both strong and workholding fixtures, tooling, and even parts. F123 Composite-Ready 3D printers in St Paul MN can use a soluble support material, meaning that you can create complex designs that traditional 3D printers would not be capable of. If your looking for a printer that is known for its speed without compromising print quality, F123 Composite-Ready printers can get the job done with four layer resolutions. You can customize the density of individual parts to either save material or increase density.


The Stratasys F770 is designed to print larger parts with ease. Complex, but accurate parts can be printed reliably and repeatably using the F770 system. The heated build chamber of F770 3D printers are capable of printing components up to a meter long, and uses the same soluble support materials that the Stratasys F123 Composite-Ready series uses. This printer is designed for industrial use, and can be run 24/7 without constant monitoring, and can run for up to 140 hours completely unattended. To make quick check-ins easier, the F770 printer provides a built in camera to monitor progress efficiently through your mobile device. Contact AdvancedTek to learn more about FDM in St Paul MN.

Fortus 450mc

FDM, or Fused Deposition Printing, is known for efficiency, cost, and material advantages. All of these features combine in the Fortus 450mc, which helps you transform your supply chain, accelerate manufacturing and reduce production costs by providing accurate and reliable performance. The Fortus 450mc can produce prototypes, manufacturing aids, and end-use parts when needed. With a wide range of materials, you can create a wide range of parts and components with precision and complexity for any industry.


For manufacturing and heavy industries, the Stratasys F900 is built for large-scale projects. This system can accommodate prints up to 914 x 610 x 914 mm (36 x 24 x 36 in) in size, and can use soluble supports to create designs that would otherwise be too complex and detailed to create normally. Using the Acceleration Kit, you can improve the speed of this FDM printing system even more. For easy file exporting, the GrabCad Print program can take designs directly from CAD and prepare them for 3D printing. However, if you need to change designs on the fly, the Insight Software offers this feature- allowing revision of even production materials without causing delays to your manufacturing and production schedule. To make this process even more hands-off, the Stratasys F900 system provides completely automated monitoring- equipped with internal cameras, humidity monitors, dual-material bays and high capacity material options. You can expect fewer production breakdowns during your printing process because this system is build with your industry in mind- this engineering-grade 3D printer can handle high-performance thermoplastics used in traditional manufacturing processes easily, ensuring your production can go as smoothly as possible.

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FDM in St Paul MN

FDM in St Paul MN

FDM in St Paul MN

FDM in St Paul MN