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DyeMansion systems in Waukesha WI

DyeMansion systems in Waukesha WI | Post-Processing Equipment 3D Printing

When it comes to creating the perfect, industrial-grade 3D print, post-processing can be the most important step in the entire process. The right post-processing equipment can ensure that your 3D printed parts are ready for use right, polished, and colored to match your needs. In this section, we’ll discuss the different types of post-processing equipment available and how they can help you get the most out of your 3D printed parts. DyeMansion systems in Waukesha WI 


PostProcess Technologies’ has a number of systems that have made them stand out as a pioneer in the post-printing industry. There are two main types of systems that PostProcess makes: surface finishing and support removal, but both of these types are known for their proprietary Software, eco-friendly chemistry, and hands-off, automated approach.

Surface Finish Solutions

At AdvancedTek, we provide 2 different PostProcess surface finishing systems: the Hybrid DECI Duo, and the RADOR. The DECI Duo is made to remove structural supports from 3D prints, and to refine any rough surfaces. What makes this particular system unique is that it can finish surfaces and remove supports all within the same, automated space. This means you save on floorspace while still maximizing your production output. Whether it’s resins, thermoplastics, or metals- the DECI DUO is designed to clean and refine your prints fast, even for the most complex of parts.

The RADOR, on the other hand, excels at finishing larger prints (or, alternatively, two smaller prints) to whatever surface quality you desire. Whether you’re using FDM, SLS, SLA, CLIP, PolyJet, Multi Jet Fusion, or something else- the RADOR can polish your print to perfection.

Support and Resin Removal Solutions

There are two ways to remove supports from a 3D print- at least, there are two if you don’t want to waste time removing the supports by hand. Spray and submersion resin removal systems are essential if you want to safely and cleanly remove structural supports from your 3D print, and at AdvancedTek we provide numerous solutions in either category to help you achieve the best print possible.


If you have additive manufacturing prints that need finishing, DyeMansion is a reliable and time-tested solution. These finishing systems come in three varieties: cleaning systems, surfacing systems, and coloring systems. For more information about DyeMansion systems in Waukesha WIAdvancedTek can help you!

Cleaning Systems

The Powershot C from DyeMansion is built to remove excess powder from any powder-bed 3D print. In the end, this system cleans your prints so they can finally be residue free.

Surfacing Systems

When it comes to making sure your 3D printed components are finished smoothly, DyeMansion offers two solutions: the Powershot S, and the Powerfuse S. The Powershot S is designed to smooth the finish of your print in 10 minutes or less, while the Powerfuse S uses a vapor polishing solution to ensure that even flexible polymers such as TPU are polished.

Coloring Systems

At AdvancedTek, we understand that not every 3D print will be colored exactly how you want it to be right out of the printer. That’s why we offer DyeMansion’s DM60, which utilizes deep dying technology to dye 3D printed plastics. Complete with a self-cleaning system and completely customizable color options, the DM60 is a great addition to any post-processing system. For information about DyeMansion systems in Waukesha WI, reach out to AdvancedTek today!


While 3D prints are an excellent choice if you want a fast manufacturing or prototyping process, that doesn’t mean you can always just press “print” and be done. Oftentimes, you’ll want to further refine this print by removing supports that held the piece up during the print process. However, doing this by hand can be time consuming, and might even risk damaging the product. Oryx understands this, which is why they developed two separate systems for removing structural supports for 3D prints.

Support Removal Tanks

The sca1200ht and sca3600 utilize water-soluble solutions to remove supports that have been created during the 3D printing process. Using these systems, you can customize the temperature, strength, and time for your print’s support removal.

Water Jetting Cleaning Systems

Whether you choose to connect this system to plumbing or take advantage of its mobile water tank, the scaWaterjet from Oryx is perfect for removing structural supports from any 3D print. Designed with visibility in mind, the chamber within the scaWaterjet is well-lit, with windows surrounding the chamber, and even fitted with a wiper to ensure an uninterrupted view. Gloves have been fitted to the front of the unit so that handling prints during the cleaning process is easy and efficient.

If you’re interested in working with a company that has 30 years’ experience in the 3D printing industry, AdvancedTek is the upper Midwest’s partner for 3D printing and post-processing solutions.  Our industrial 3D printers allow professionals to create Concept Models, Functional Prototypes, Manufacturing Tooling, and End-User Parts quickly and affordably. We can even help you speed along your prototyping process with our 3D printing service. You can find out more about us by checking out our website here.

DyeMansion systems in Waukesha WI

DyeMansion systems in Waukesha WI

DyeMansion systems in Waukesha WI

DyeMansion systems in Waukesha WI

DyeMansion systems in Waukesha WI

DyeMansion systems in Waukesha WI