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DyeMansion in Green Bay WI

DyeMansion in Green Bay WI | Post-Processing 3D Printing Equipment

If you’ve invested in your company’s new 3D printing equipment, you might be wondering what’s next. No doubt, you’ve probably spent time looking into what kind of post-processing equipment you’re going to need. From cleaning, to surfacing, to even coloring- the types of post-processing systems you’ll require has a lot to do with what your goals are for your product. If you’re simply in the prototyping stage, you might not be concerned about the exact surface quality of your print, but if you’re planning on going into production, you may want to consider the following post-processing equipment: DyeMansion in Green Bay WI


DyeMansion is a leader in additive manufacturing finishing systems that enhance raw 3D printed parts, turning them into high-value products. This company started by developing a revolutionary coloring solutions for powder bed fusion parts, and has since expanded its portfolio to include advanced part cleaning and surfacing solutions that complete the process chain of post-processing 3D printed objects. DyeMansion offers cost-effective finishing solutions that complete your additive manufacturing value chain. If you’ve taken the time and money to invest in reliable 3D printing equipment, it only makes sense that you take the time to also invest resources in post-processing equipment as well. These systems can have a huge impact on how well your product or component is reviewed and accepted by your customer. With DyeMansion products, you can take advantage of our years of experience and expertise to achieve the best possible results from your 3D printed parts. For DyeMansion in Green Bay WIreach out to AdvancedTek!

Post-Processing Cleaning 3D printing equipment

For any powder-bed 3D print, you’ll need to clean your product before it can be properly used, colored, or otherwise finished. However, taking the time to wash all these components off by hand will not only dramatically reduce the efficiency of your business, but also risk damaging your carefully constructed 3D prints. That’s why investing in a high-quality cleaning system for your 3D prints makes so much sense. With DyeMansion’s Powershot C, your products can be cleaned and ready to go in under 10 minutes- every time. You can protect delicate prints with a soft, replaceable basket lining, and use different blasting nozzles and ionization for perfect, reproducible results. With this systems user-friendly interface and numerous pre-installed programs, you can take advantage of the automated processes available and get all of your powder-bed prints cleaned in no time. Increase your productivity with a 3D print cleaning system that takes 10 minutes maximum on any load. With gentle surface treatment, you’ll never have to worry about damaging your prints before they are ready to use. This system is also incredibly easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly program your cleaning process and get it up an running.

Post-Processing Surfacing 3D printing equipment

When it comes to getting your 3D products polished and ready to go, AdvancedTek offers two solutions: the Powershot S and the Powerfuse S by DyeMansion in Green Bay WI. These post-processing systems are designed polish or seal your 3D products and get them ready for use. The Powershot S post-processing unit by DyeMansion is a non-abrasive surfacing system that uses proprietary PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) to create an elegant finish on your project. This blasting surfacing system is designed for 3D printed parts, and has a maximum cycle time of only 10 minutes. It can withstand a mid-sized build within its chamber every run, and- when finished- will produce a unique semi-gloss appearance on your project. This is the perfect system for creating a polished finish on your 3D printed parts, and can help you cut down on the time it takes to get them ready for use. The Powerfuse S, on the other hand, is the first green industrial vapor polishing solution for 3D printed parts that uses VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS) to deliver injection molding-like surfaces while sealing and washing your finished part. This finished prepares your parts for food contact, and produces no waste with its integrated solvent recovery system. VFS is suitable for a wide range of plastics, and particularly flexible polymers such as TPU.

Post-Processing Coloring 3D printing equipment

Now that your products have been cleaned, polished, and surfaced, you’ll finally be ready for coloring. The DyeMansion DM60 coloring system is a post-processing system that prepares and colors your 3D printed parts using DeepDye Coloring. DeepDye Coloring (DDC) is a new technology that can be used to dye plastic 3-dimensional printed parts. Because of this unique dying technique, you can color your 3D components and parts with truly limitless and exacting color formulation or matching.

If you’re interested in a company with over 25 years in the business, AdvancedTek can help you achieve anything from Concept Modeling, Functional Prototypes, Manufacturing Tooling, End-User Parts, 3D printers, Post Processing, to Vacuum Forming, and more! We can even help you speed along your prototyping process with our 3D printing service. You can find out more about us by checking out our website here. AdvancedTek can help you with your post processing 3D printing needs. Contact us for DyeMansion in Green Bay WI and more!

DyeMansion in Green Bay WI

DyeMansion in Green Bay WI

DyeMansion in Green Bay WI