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Register for TrainingAdvanced Insight Training Course for the Stratasys F370, F370CR, & F770 3D Printers

For the Stratasys F370, F370CR, and F770 3D printers, AdvancedTek provides advanced Stratasys Insight Software training and Fortus training at our St. Paul, Minnesota TekCenter. This paid one-day course is typically conducted after using the equipment for 2-6 months. Students get hands-on with the software and perform various tutorials and tasks. After completing the class, students receive certification on the use of Insight Software and equipment.

Typical topics covered:

  • Registration features
  • Pausing a build (considering inserts)
  • Seam control
  • Reversing build materials
  • Modeler, Toolpath, and Support setup
  • Changing contour width to achieve varying wall thickness
  • Advanced or specific applications
  • Changing raster angle and widths to get better fill
  • Adding multiple contours
  • Sparse fill benefits
  • Custom groups
  • Slicing a part that’s too large for envelope
  • Increase strength on bosses or prepare for tapping
  • Parts finishing
  • Resources available to every customer

The class will also walk through GrabCAD Print – Stratasys’ free intuitive software that allows for simplified preparing, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting of print jobs. Learn how and when to use GrabCAD Print, including what it can and cannot do when compared to Insight.

Click one of our scheduled training dates below to get registered: