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Expanding medical modeling customization

Digital Anatomy Creator

Create beyond existing anatomical presets.

Explore, customize, and mimic patient anatomy like never before with slice-by-slice material control of each print.

Digital Anatomy Creator

Calibrate digital materials to meet your exact specifications.

Easily manipulate material formation and customize internal structures to achieve a specific anatomical outcome.

Digital Anatomy Creator

Open the door to new research.

Create, replicate, and share designs for patient-specific anatomies. Perform repeatable, controlled research that improves outcomes and share your designs easily.


Digital Anatomy CreatorUser Driven Software Solution
Stratasys developed the Creator software with a team of expert Digital Anatomy Printer users. Their needs were translated into software functionality shaped by insights and feedback collected during the development process to ensure that the end product not only answered the needs of advanced users but also supported their digital workflow.

Advanced medical 3D software made simple
The Digital Anatomy Creator software is based on the GrabCAD Digital Anatomy printer software. A user-friendly graphic interface allows users to use the different materials available on the Digital Anatomy printer, to create a custom presets with the desired mechanical properties and colors. Each model layer can designed with digital materials and defined by 5 different structures providing specific mechanical properties and visualization to the final model.

Digital Anatomy Creator