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 3d printing services near lincoln NE

3D Printing Services near Lincoln NE | Industrial 3D Printing services near me

Industrial 3D Printing Services Near Me: Revolutionizing Manufacturing, Design, and Engineering

In the past few years, the industrial 3D printing market has grown tremendously, thanks to the development of new 3D printing technologies, materials, and software. As a result, 3D printing has become a valuable tool for manufacturing, design, and engineering industries. Many companies now offer 3D printing services, which provide access to advanced 3D printers, materials, and expertise that allow businesses to create high-quality, precise parts quickly and efficiently. At AdvancedTek, we’re proud to say we’re apart of this growing industry, and provide our expert advice and 3D printing services to a wide range of clientele. 3D Printing Services near Lincoln NE

What type of 3D printing is right for you?

If you’re looking for industrial 3D printing services near you, it’s important to understand the various 3D printing technologies available and which one is best suited for your specific needs. Some of the most popular 3D printing technologies used in industrial applications include FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), SLA (Stereolithography), PolyJet, and SAF (Selective Absorption Fusion). AdvancedTek can help with 3D Printing Services near Lincoln NE, so reach out to us today!

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

FDM 3D printers are the most commonly used 3D printing technology in industrial applications, as they are affordable, reliable, and offer a wide range of materials. FDM 3D printing works by heating and extruding a thermoplastic material, layer by layer, to create a three-dimensional object. If you know anything about 3D printing, you’re probably already familiar with this method. While it’s known for it’s speed and relatively low cost, FDM is not always as reliable as other methods of 3D printing when it comes to precision or detail.

Stereolithography (SLA)

SLA 3D printers, on the other hand, use a liquid resin that is cured by a UV laser to create precise, detailed parts. SLA 3D printers are ideal for creating parts with complex geometries and fine details.

PolyJet 3D printers use a liquid photopolymer that is cured by UV light to create parts with high resolution, smooth surfaces, and multiple materials. PolyJet 3D printers are ideal for creating prototypes, models, and concept designs. However, PolyJet prints have even been used for end-use parts thanks to their smooth surfaces and high level of precision.


SAF 3D printers are a relatively new 3D printing technology that uses a powder bed and a thermal print head to create high-quality, functional parts. SAF 3D printing is ideal for creating metal parts, as it allows for the production of complex geometries with high accuracy and repeatability. At AdvancedTek, we offer the following PolyJet printers:

Objet 30 Pro & Prime

J35 Pro

J5 MediJet

J5 DentaJet

J850 Digital Anatomy

J8 Series


When choosing an industrial 3D printing service, it’s important to consider the type of parts you need, the level of precision and detail required, and the materials you want to use. Some industrial 3D printing services specialize in specific 3D printing technologies, while others offer a range of options to suit different needs and budgets.

One of the leading 3D printing service providers is Stratasys, which offers a wide range of 3D printers for industrial applications. Stratasys 3D printers are known for their high precision, reliability, and versatility, and are used by companies in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer goods.

Stratasys 3D printers use a variety of 3D printing technologies, including FDM, PolyJet, and SAF. Stratasys FDM 3D printers are capable of printing parts with a range of materials, including engineering-grade thermoplastics, high-performance polymers, and even carbon fiber composites. Stratasys PolyJet 3D printers can create parts with up to six materials in a single print, allowing for the creation of highly detailed and complex parts. Stratasys SAF 3D printers are capable of printing metal parts with high accuracy and repeatability. At AdvancedTek, we offer a range of Stratasys 3D printers because of their dependable quality and their ability to produce a variety of parts at high quality. If you are interested in learning more about what Stratasys 3D printers can do for your business, get in touch with us today!

In addition to 3D printers, many industrial 3D printing services also offer post-processing services to improve the appearance, functionality, and durability of 3D printed parts. One of the leading post-processing companies is DyeMansion, which offers a range of services, including dyeing, smoothing, and coating.

DyeMansion’s dyeing process allows for the customization of 3D printed parts by adding color to the surface, cleaning your prints surface of leftover powders and debris, and polishing away rough textures.

If you’re interested in working with a company that has 30 years’ experience in the 3D printing industry, AdvancedTek is the upper Midwest’s partner for 3D printing and post-processing solutions.  Our industrial 3D printers allow professionals to create Concept Models, Functional Prototypes, Manufacturing Tooling, and End-User Parts quickly and affordably. We can even help you speed along your prototyping process with our 3D printing service. You can find out more about us by checking out our website here.

3D Printing Services near Lincoln NE

3D Printing Services near Lincoln NE

3D Printing Services near Lincoln NE

3D Printing Services near Lincoln NE