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3D Printing Services in Lincoln NE

3D Printing Services in Lincoln NE | On Demand 3D printing service near me

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is a process whereby a 3D model is created on a computer and then transferred to a printer, which builds the object layer by layer. The most common use of 3D printing is for prototyping parts or models that might otherwise be too expensive or difficult to manufacture. This can save your designers time during the prototyping phase of a product, as it means they won’t have to wait weeks or months for the necessary components, but may even be able to start using them the very same day. Not only that, but investing in 3D printing earlier on in a manufacturing process can give your designers more confidence in their final project, as they’ll have had more time and flexibility testing out their designs. 3D Printing Services in Lincoln NE

Can I print Metal using 3D Printing?

If you’ve been putting off your latest manufacturing project because you’re unsure if the 3D printers of today can work with metal, then you don’t have to wait any longer. 3D printers can work with a variety of metals, from copper to stainless steel or even chromium. If you want to create a product or prototype that is a little more long-lasting, and has the resilience needed to withstand harsh elements or extreme temperatures, reach out to a 3D printing company near me today. They can walk you through the available materials, and offer advice on which one they think will be best suited for your project. They’ll also be able to help you determine the best way to prepare your design so that it can be used by a 3D printer.

If you’re interested in working with a company like ours, we are happy to help! We will walk you through the process of getting started with us and ensure that everything is done right the first time around. We’ll make sure that every detail is accounted for so that there are no problems down the road.

What are the advantages of 3D printing?

There are many advantages to investing in 3D Printing Services in Lincoln NE, from reduced production time to the ability to produce unique products. When you are able to create products in a shorter amount of time, it can save your company money by reducing the need for labor and resources. 3D printers also allow businesses to make custom products that fit their customers’ needs exactly, which improves customer satisfaction.


Especially during the prototyping phase of product manufacturing, 3D printing is usually much faster than traditional manufacturing techniques. It can take days or even weeks to create a prototype using traditional methods, but 3D printing allows you to get the same result in sometimes a matter of hours. This will save your business time and money while allowing it to experiment quickly and efficiently with new ideas.


3D printers are much more cost-effective than traditional techniques. For example, one of the most common uses for 3D printing is to make prototypes for products before mass production begins. This can save businesses thousands or even millions of dollars in research and development costs. Aside from prototyping, 3D printing is also surprisingly lucrative when it comes to materials. Nowadays, there is enough variety in the materials you can print with that most companies can find one that is affordable for their company. The beauty of 3D Printing Services in Lincoln NE is that each unique component of your product requires the same printer to make, with no need for dies or additional tools, thereby reducing the cost it would take to manufacture and use these tools during production. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for prototyping, then consider AdvancedTek for our 3D printing services. 


At AdvancedTek, we understand the importance of 3D Printing Services in Lincoln NE. We know that it can be a daunting task to find the right materials for your project and that is why we have made it our mission to provide the exact support you need through every step of the printing process. Our skilled team of engineers and designers are always on hand to answer your questions and help you find the perfect solution for your project. We are here to make sure that your 3D printing experience is as smooth as possible. Our website offers everything you need to get started with 3D printing, including information on materials and their uses. We also have an extensive selection of filaments in different colors, ranging from vibrant hues to subtle pastels, alongside metals and other more durable materials.

If you’re interested in working with a company that has 30 years’ experience in the 3D printing industry, AdvancedTek is the upper Midwest’s partner for 3D printing and post-processing solutions.  Our industrial 3D printers allow professionals to create Concept Models, Functional Prototypes, Manufacturing Tooling, and End-User Parts quickly and affordably. We can even help you speed along your prototyping process with our 3D printing service. You can find out more about us by checking out our website here.

3D Printing Services in Lincoln NE

3D Printing Services in Lincoln NE

3D Printing Services in Lincoln NE