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Valentine’s Special

February 14, 2017 News

40% Off Material Upgrades now through February 24, 2017!

If you’ve ever thought about adding a new material to your Fortus 400mc, 450mc or 900mc, now is the perfect time!

FDM Material Upgrade Options

ABSi (400/900mc)

ABS-M30 (400/450/900mc)

ABS-M30i (400/900mc)

ABS-ESD7 (400/450/900mc)

ASA (400/450/900mc)

FDM Nylon 12 (400/450/900mc)

PC (400/450/900mc)

PC-ABS (400/900mc)

PC-ISO (400/450/900mc)

PPSF/PPSU (400/900mc)

ST-130 (450/900mc)

ULTEM 1010 (400/450/900mc)

ULTEM 9085 (400/450/900)c)

Example: Fortus 450mc ULTEM 1010 Material Upgrade

Normally $16,500, now only $9,900 with 40% discount!

Includes ULTEM 1010 material software license and…

  • Four (4) ULTEM 9085 Material Canisters ($3,152 value)
  • Four (4) ULTEM 9085 Support Material Canisters ($2,740 value)
  • Two (2) Packages of Build Sheets ($1,144 value)
  • Four (4) Tip Sets ($420 value)

Contact us today to learn more or to place an order.

Posted by Heather Adams