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Stratasys F370: Limited Time uPrint and Dimension Trade-in Offers!

April 2, 2019 News

Have you thought about upgrading your legacy uPrint or Dimension Stratasys 3D printer to a next-generation, office-friendly industrial 3D printer with more material options, a larger build and automatic material changeover?

Now is a great time to put your idea into action, as we are offering an incredible $7,500 trade-in credit for all uPrints and $15,000 trade-in credit for all Dimensions when you purchase a new Stratasys F370!



Upgrade to a New Stratasys F370

  • Single material capability
  • Limited build size for larger parts or maximizing overnight throughput
  • Long material changeover times
  • CatalystEX Print software (GrabCAD now available)
  • Wide range of materials including lower cost ABS-M30 and new flexible TPU
  • Larger build volume (14 x 10 x 14 in.) for large parts and maximizing overnight throughput
  • Auto material changeover standard and < 1 min. manual material changeover times
  • GrabCAD Print and Advanced Insight software for custom capabilities including pausing for metal inserts

Contact your sales rep to learn more, or request a uPrint or Dimension trade-in quote now.

Posted by Heather Adams