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Tips from an AE: Updated PolyJet Advanced Slicer in GrabCAD Print

October 5, 2019 News

If you are using GrabCAD Print for your PolyJet printing, then you’ll be excited about some recent updates to the software.

Most notably, Advanced Slicer received a major upgrade and will be turned on by default if you have a J-Series printer.  I’ll walk you through some notable new default Advanced Slicer features and how AdvancedTek and its users are benefiting from these updates.

  • Pantone® Validation: 1-click color matching allows J-Series users to select a Pantone color and apply it to CAD body.  This allows you to get closer to your desired color the first time you print. The slicer will print a 1mm thick coating of the Pantone color over 4mm of white.  If you have thinner features, the color will have some slight variance depending on the color.

Materials Required

      • VeroCyan-V
      • VeroMagenta-V
      • VeroYellow-V
      • VeroBlackPlus
      • VeroPureWhite

1-click Pantone color matching

  • Disable support towers on vertical holes: When building in glossy mode, any holes on the side of your part will have a “shadow support” effect.  If you enable “Smart Support” for Glossy surface finish, no support tower will appear on the side of your part.  Leaving you with a cleaner finish on side walls.

Disable Support Towers on Vertical Holes

  • Advance Slicer Improved Estimates: PolyJet material and time estimates have been greatly improved. Purges are now accounted for in your estimates in both time and material. This will give users a better idea when scheduling jobs to end so they can clean the heads while they are still warm, which will improve your head longevity.

It’s important to note that packing multiple parts together will help reduce the material cost/part because the purge material is now spread out over more parts.    

Advanced Slicer Enabled

If you have any questions about advanced PolyJet applications or about new GrabCAD Print features, please send me an email at 

Posted by Heather Adams