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October 19, 2022 News

We have entered a new reality in 3D printing. A place where virtually all industries recognize, and the vast majority incorporate, 3D printing in some capacity. Novelty is now the norm, and industries have transformed how their products are made. 3D Printers

AdvancedTek has been a leader on these fronts as its customers have adopted and evolved with additive technology, celebrating as customers turn the impossible into possible and fine-tuning their processes at an ever-increasing demand for more products faster.

While 3D printing has truly transformed products and industries, technology must continue to move forward and evolve. DLP 3D printing technology was an obvious next step for Stratasys to fill in the gaps for the advanced user and novice alike. An accurate, easy-handling system for end-use parts.

Having the best of both worlds

Digital Light Processing, or DLP, isn’t a new concept in the printing world. However, Stratasys has continued to set the bar high with unmatched reliability and consistency. By acquiring the company, Origin, Stratasys was able to take an already superior product with the Origin One printer and infuse more R&D, testing, and quality to create a printer with a low barrier to entry – without sacrificing what the industry demands: high-performance materials matched with accuracy, detail, consistency, and throughput. The Stratasys Origin One empowers users to work with material options for high-temperature, tough, elastomer, ESD, ceramic-like, or castable applications.

Programmable PhotoPolymerization P3™

Programmable PhotoPolymerization P3™ technology, an evolution of digital light processing (DLP), is ushering in a new era in 3D printing: the mass production of functional end-use parts. P3™ software precisely orchestrates light, temperature, pull forces, and pneumatics to optimize prints for the best possible results. Imagine being able to print features the size of a strand of hair or solid parts the size of the entire build area with the same accuracy and consistency. It’s all possible with the P3™ software – enabling the Origin One to print with exceptional surface quality while maintaining maximum speed and isotropy.

Teaming up with Forward AM, BASF’s 3D Printing Solutions brand

Well before the launch of Origin One, the team at Stratasys was working tirelessly with BASF  –  a worldwide leader in chemistry and chemical development – to give advanced users and material developers the tools needed to accelerate their development cycles and fine-tune their process through adjustable parameters. This collaboration made OML, or– Open Material License – a reality for the user.

Offered to academic researchers, advanced manufacturers, and material developers, the OML breaks down traditional AM material development restrictions and gives users the freedom to create new and often revolutionary materials quickly and effectively.

A real-life example of what can result from such a collaboration is the textured cylinder, showing superior surface quality and incredible detail. Combined with the power of P3™ and BASF’s ST-45, the material properties of this part are as realistic as its appearance – strong and durable.

3D Printers

High volume. Small footprint.

The Stratasys Origin One fits just about anywhere. Measuring just 19.5x 23.6 x 46.8 in., the printer is compact and requires minimal power. Post-processing can be done in minutes instead of hours for production parts at scale, and material swaps are done quickly and easily.

And did we mention high volume? With such a small footprint, companies can neatly fit as many systems as they desire to scale with the Origin One. From prototyping to high volume, this printer is truly a versatile workhorse.

TE Connectivity, a world leader in connectors and sensors, is challenged with producing 192 billion parts annually. When presented with the Origin One in 2018 as a beta tester, they immediately saw the potential in the material offerings that performed well under harsh conditions and had a quick design cycle. Identifying their customer needs for quick designs and production-ready connectors and accessories, they didn’t hesitate to implement this technology. 

3D Printers

Fast forward to today, and TE Connectivity produces part volumes in the tens of thousands with additive manufacturing. This has enabled them to become even more agile for their customers, and it’s exciting to see that this is only the beginning.

[Click here to read the TE Connectivity case study]

Creating a new path for every industry

No industry is left out with the versatility of the Stratasys Origin One. Today, companies worldwide are using the technology to produce hundreds of thousands of parts, ranging from medical to automotive, aerospace, defense, footwear, and molding.

AdvancedTek is excited to bring this offering to our customers here in the Midwest. The Origin One has opened many more doors and opportunities for our customers and has completely changed the conversation in many positive ways. We can’t wait to see what you’ll make!

Contact us today if you would like to learn more.

3D Printers

3D Printers

3D Printers

3D Printers

Posted by Heather Adams