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The workforce development challenge bridging the 3D printing skills gap Stratasys AM certification

May 26, 2020 3D Printing Webinars

Additive manufacturing has the potential to transform manufacturing supply chains – speeding processes and reducing costs. And its impact is seen across every industry, from aerospace to medical devices. Unfortunately, one of the most overlooked aspects of Additive Manufacturing is workforce development.

While the technology continues to evolve, there’s a widening gap between these advanced solutions and the certified professionals to drive them. Not only is there a lack of industry-endorsed proof of workforce-ready AM skills, but this development is often inconsistent. Across industries, there’s a growing need for highly skilled additive manufacturing workers for key industry jobs. With access for schools to more than $2 billion in workforce development funding from the government – specifically for training programs – now is the time to put a spotlight on your students and the need for AM certification.

Posted by Heather Adams