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Accelerate Packaging Design with 3D printing

September 13, 2021 3D Printing Webinars

The most successful companies in the world understand how critically important it is to be quick to market and to differentiate themselves from their competition by creating irresistibly attractive packaging and products. According to Tony Guard, Director of the Innovation + Industrial Design at Kinetic Vision, “Packaging can’t just sit on the shelf. It doesn’t just have to be noticed. It has to speak to that consumer in a very specific way.” For these reasons, best-in-class organizations are constantly looking for ways to shorten their product design and development processes to be first to market with a compelling product and disruptive packaging. By leveraging advanced software and technologies like 3d printing and others, Kinetic Vision has a formula to accelerate innovation and expedite packaging and product design timelines; all while substantially reducing associated costs. Join us to learn how you can replicate their success.

Posted by Heather Adams