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Stratasys Materials Newsletter: March 2015

April 1, 2015 News

Recycling with Stratasys Has Never Been Easier!

Stratasys’ New Recycling Program Offers Convenience and Cost-Saving for North American Customers

recycling_imageStratasys recently launched a new updated recycling program for North American customers. The program provides a compliant and free system for recycling FDM and non-hazardous PolyJet material containers.

Stratasys has recently moved its recycling operations to a dedicated facility in Eden Prairie, MN and operates in collaboration with Lifeworks, a nonprofit organization serving people with disabilities.




The Lifeworks team at the Stratasys recycling facility in Eden Prairie. The Stratasys recycling program helps people from the local community with disabilities to live full and meaningful lives.

From the Stratasys website customers can print out pre-paid UPS shipping labels with parcels picked-up directly at the customer site ultimately returning to the new Stratasys’ facility, completely free of charge to the customer.


This environmentally-friendly program offers significant business benefits to Stratasys customers:

  • Eliminates waste disposal shipping costs
  • reduces storage space requirements
  • streamlines return logistics
  • Complies with current waste disposal regulations

To learn more about Stratasys new recycling program and to see the Lifeworks team in action watch the film above or follow the link:

Posted by Heather Adams