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Stratasys Fortus 250mc Trade-in Promo Added to Year End Deals

November 21, 2019 News

Enjoy better, faster results by upgrading to the F370.

Save Now: Take $25,000 off the price of a new Statasys® F370™ 3D printer after a trade-in of an existing Fortus 250mc 3D printer.
Save Later: The F370 has higher value material options and cost less than Fortus 250mc materials.

Gain speed, size and material options:

  • Print Faster — Stop making manual calibrations and material changeovers — the F370 automates these processes. Print iterations at twice the speed
    in Draft Mode.
  • Larger Build Size — Print more/larger parts and assemblies in one print. The build volume of the F370 is over 60% larger than the Fortus 250mc.
  • More Material Options — Go beyond ABS with options to print PLA, ASA, TPU, PC-ABS and more.
  • Stratasys Quality Upgraded — Providing the reliability and durability you trust with upgraded servo motors for higher quality parts. The F370 is USB and WiFi enabled, has reusable build trays and easy, customer replaceable print heads.

This offer is only available through December 30, 2019. Request your quote today!

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Posted by Heather Adams