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SAF™ 3D Printing – Rivelin Robotics Highlighting Success with Stratasys H350 Industrial 3D Printers

August 2, 2023 Customer Stories

Based out of Sheffield, England, Rivelin Robotics specializes in metal additive manufacturing (AM) support removal and finishing. Specifically, the Rivelin Netshape® robots simplify, automate, and expedite post-processing in near-net-shape metal manufacturing. Stratasys H350 Industrial 3D Printers came in handy when facing a unique set of challenges.

The Challenge:

Post-Processing Electrical Connectors with Complex Geometrics Post-processing often poses a significant challenge as parts often have complex geometries. To overcome this, a variety of tools are required. Although the robot is small in size, the tools have higher than usual electrical demands, both in terms of current and total pin count. Based on these specifications, Rivelin Robotics struggled to find an off-the-shelf solution that could address both needs. Without a working connector, Rivelin’s robots could no longer run.

The Solution:

SAF™ Technology with Stratasys H350 Industrial 3D Printers

With the design freedom afforded by powder bed based polymer processes, Rivelin Robotics landed on the H350™ 3D printer utilizing SAF technology. The second version of the connector, printed with SAF technology, offers a more modular and flexible approach. This connector is an electrical “plug” which enables the tool changer connector to pass data and power to the tool on the other end. The connector was printed with SAF PA12 which creates precise and stiff parts.

The Impact:

Streamlined Post-Processing After implementing the connector in all of their robots, the tool changer can now effectively transfer power and data to the connected tool. This streamlines post-processing efforts for metal manufacturing, leading to greater efficiency. Due to the connector’s ease of use and precision, it is on the bill of materials for future sales to be used as a production part. With SAF technology, Rivelin Robotics was able to 3D print their own solution which helps shape the future of their robots and company overall.

Posted by Heather Adams