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Onulis Waste Resin Printers

Below is a list of Onulis Waste Resin Printers

The WRAP™ (Waste Resin Axial Printer) transforms your PolyJet, SLA, and DLP UV waste resin into solid plastic stock, safe for disposal as common household waste. The recycled solid stock is ideal for various applications, including low-cost media for CNC machining.

Replace costly and cumbersome hazardous waste services with a sustainable in-house solution today.

WRAP Features:

  • Automatic timing function and integrated safety features enable unattended operation
  • WRAP’s axial printing architecture minimizes overall size and cost
  • Through leveraging used or expired resin, operation costs are virtually zero
  • Patent pending drip comb produces individual droplets for efficient curing
  • Simple gravity-driven drip system avoids use of pumps, valves, and hoses, which are susceptible to clogs
  • Onboard carbon filtration system controls fumes

The WRAP is available in two options: the WRAP W7500 and the WRAP W7500+.  The W7500 is for low viscosity resins such as PolyJet and comes with the compatible Low Viscosity Vat. For those also printing DLP and/or SLA waste resin, the WRAP W7500+ comes with the  Low, Medium, and High Vats.

Vats are designed for specific material properties. Use of the incorrect resin will cause serious damage to the machine. As resin sits, its viscosity can change. To determine the correct Vat for your resin, purchase use the Vat Viscosity Testing Tool.

Download the WRAP Spec Sheet