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Onulis DLP Curing Machines

Below is a list of Onulis DLP Curing Machines

Providing the waste processing functionality of the WRAP, the WRAPCure (W7500-C) adds production DLP curing. Using high-power UV lights, microprocessor, and a transparent rotating curing table, the WRAPCure ensures automatic and complete part curing.

WRAPCure Features:

  • All WRAP W7500+ resin printing functionality
  • Fully, automatic hands-free operation
  • Microprocessor controlled temperature and duration avoids part warpage
  • High wattage LED light arrays
  • Converts from WRAP to Cure in <60 seconds
  • LCD user interface
  • Adjustable timing functions
  • Includes the Low, Medium and High Viscosity Vats

Download the WRAP Spec Sheet