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Onulis DLP Curing Machines

Below is a list of Onulis DLP Curing Machines

Providing the waste processing functionality of the WRAP, the WRAPCure (W7500-C) adds production DLP curing. Using high-power UV lights, microprocessor, and a transparent rotating curing table, the WRAPCure ensures automatic and complete part curing.

WRAPCure Features:

  • All WRAP W7500+ resin printing functionality
  • Fully, automatic hands-free operation
  • Microprocessor controlled temperature and duration avoids part warpage
  • High wattage LED light arrays
  • Converts from WRAP to Cure in <60 seconds
  • LCD user interface
  • Adjustable timing functions
  • Includes the Low, Medium and High Viscosity Vats

Download the WRAP Spec Sheet

WRAPCure Certified

WRAPCure Certified adds certified, traceable, production DLP curing to the WRAP product family for ISO 9000 Certified users. Using higher-powered UV lamps and a transparent rotating curing table, WRAPCure Certified offers automatic and complete part curing. The machine also functions as a waste resin printer.

WRAPCure Certified Features

Waste Resin Print Mode:

  • Automatic timing function and integrated safety features enable unattended operation.
  • WRAPCure Certified’s axial printing architecture minimizes overall size and cost.
  • Through leveraging used or expired resin, operation costs are virtually zero.
  • Patent pending drip comb produces individual droplets for efficient curing.
  • Simple gravity-driven drip system avoids use of pumps, valves, and hoses, which are susceptible to clogs.
  • Onboard carbon filtration system controls fumes.

DLP Cure Mode:

  • Fully automatic, hands-free operation.
  • Microprocessor controlled temperature and duration avoids part warpage.
  • High irradiance LED light arrays.
  • Converts from Print to Cure in < 60 seconds.
  • LCD user interface.
  • Adjustable timing functions.
  • Traceable curing.

Download the WRAPCure Certified Spec Sheet