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October 24, 2017: Upper Midwest SPE Megatech – Advances in Design & Manufacturing of Molds

The injection molding industry is constantly evolving. And as the evolution continues, companies face ever increasing pressures to make their parts faster, and less expensive, and higher quality, and more profitable. Such pressures drive the never-ending need to innovate.

Join us at the Upper Midwest Society of Plastic Engineers’ (SPE) Fall Megatech, Advances in Design & Manufacturing of Molds, on October 24th from 8:00am – 5:00pm. Several of the emerging technologies will be highlighted, with the aim to inform and equip both the molding engineer and manager with the latest technologies that will help him/her to succeed.

Presentations include:

1. Using Additive Manufacturing Technology to Improve Mold Performance – Tom Houle, Matsuura USA

2. Inductive Mold Heating – Steve Verschaeve, RocTool

3. Benefits of rapid cycling injection molds for tough to mold parts/polymers  – Kip Petrykowski Regloplas

4. Gating & Runner Design Strategies – Kevin Rottinghaus, Beaumont Technologies, Inc.

5. Next Generation of Mold Efficiency, Thermal Management & Conformal Cooling Applications – David Baucus, DME Company

6. Spot cooling – Edward C Smith, Linde LLC

7. Increasing Productivity with Surface Finishing – Rich Wozniak, Bales Metal Surface Solutions   

8. Establish Your Specs and Monitor Tooling Performance – Glenn Starkey, Progressive Components

AdvancedTek is proud to be a sponsor of MegaTech! Stop by our booth to see a Stratasys F370 3D printer and learn how you can prototype faster using production materials with 3D printed injection molds.

Interested in attending?  Register here.

Posted by Heather Adams