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News Release: Leading Midwest 3D Printing Solutions Provider AdvancedTek Named Distribution Partner for EOS Metal 3D Printers

AdvancedTek + EOS Partnership
August 24, 2021 News

AdvancedTek expands its breadth of 3D printing technology for its customers with the addition of metal laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing solutions

August 24, 2021 10:00 AM Central Daylight Time

ST. PAUL, Minn. – AdvancedTek, a leading Midwest provider of polymer 3D printing technologies and complementary solutions, today announced that it has been named Distribution Partner for EOS industrial metal 3D printers across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

EOS is the leading technology provider worldwide for industrial 3D printing of metals and plastics. The company’s metal 3D printers are based on the high-end Direct Metal Laser Solidification (DMLS®) laser powder bed fusion technology ideal for serial manufacturing of industrial 3D printed metal parts. EOS’ material portfolio currently encompasses over 20 alloys and over 70 validated processes, fitting for a wide range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, tool and turbomachinery.

“The metal printing industry offers a growing range of solutions, but at the end of the day our customers are looking for the reliability, repeatability and reputation that EOS has brought to the table since 1989,” said Matt Havekost, Vice President of Sales, AdvancedTek. “We are committed to partnering with companies that can help drive real applications and real benefit to their operations with well vetted solutions and materials from established manufacturers.”

“While industrial 3D printing is still relatively new for many organizations, the acceptance and adoption of metal additive manufacturing in industries such as spacetech, medical, and tooling industries continues to accelerate,” said Andrew Snow, senior vice president at EOS North America. “Key to this acceleration are organizations that have a deep understanding of how best to apply AM technology and that is why I am so thrilled with our new partnership with AdvancedTek.”  

AdvancedTek will carry the full line of EOS metal 3D printers, including the quick and flexible small and medium systems EOS M 100 and EOS M 290, and the larger production platform systems EOS M 300-4, and the EOS M 400 Series.

About AdvancedTek

AdvancedTek is a trusted Midwest adviser for the 3D printing industry and supplier of professional 3D printing systems, services, and complementary solutions for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. For 25 years, AdvancedTek has worked closely with its customers to help accelerate their design and manufacturing process by connecting them with additive technologies tailored to match their unique business challenges.

About EOS North America

EOS North America is a business of EOS, providing responsible manufacturing solutions via industrial 3D printing technology to manufacturers around the world. Connecting high quality production efficiency with its pioneering innovation and sustainable practices, the independent company formed in 1989 will shape the future of manufacturing. Powered by its platform-driven digital value network of machines and a holistic portfolio of services, materials and processes, EOS is deeply committed to fulfilling its customers’ needs and acting responsibly for our planet.

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Posted by Heather Adams