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New Stratasys F370 Added to Our TekCenter!

February 10, 2017 News

AdvancedTek welcomes one of Stratasys’ new F123 Series 3D printers — the F370 — to our TekCenter! We’re really excited about the capabilities and price point of this series and think you’ll be too!

The F123 3D Printers are designed for:

  • Ease of use for all levels of experience and shorter, streamlined workflows
  • Reliability with Stratasys’ time-and cost-savings FDM technology and capabilities
  • The office environment with its clean build process, non-hazardous chemicals and materials, usage of standard 110-volt power and quiet operation
  • Versatility with multiple material options, each tailored to meet specific requirements
  • Speed with a fast draft mode, easy material changes, and auto-calibration

Interested in demoing our F370? Click here to send us a request.


Posted by Heather Adams