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May 22, 2018: Stratasys Webinar

The Power of Additive Manufacturing for New Product Development

As you know, speeding New Product Development is critical. Additive manufacturing can be the tool that gets your company up-to-speed thanks to its speedy design iteration and realistic prototypes. Hear from Will Hastings, analyst at ARC Advisory Group, how successful companies use the technology in NPD. Get a glimpse into the future of AM and rapid prototyping with Phil Reeves, vice president-consulting at Stratasys.

Learn how to:  

  • Increase product fitness by informing early critical design decisions
  • Avoid budget and schedule overruns by reducing the occurrence and effect of late-stage design changes
  • Identify and address failures early by reducing downtime between design selection and initial testing
  • Compress project timelines by enabling parallel engineering efforts

What: Webinar: “The Power of Additive Manufacturing for New Product Development”

When: Tuesday, May 22: 11:00 a.m. CT


Posted by Heather Adams