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May 12, 2020: MakerBot Webinar – METHOD Applications: 3D Printing Applications for the Machine Shop

MakerBot Webinar

CNCs, waterjets, and lasers have been the backbone of machine shop technology for decades. But in the last few years 3D printers have been gaining floorspace in more and more shops. We’ll be talking about why today’s shops should be giving a serious look at in-house 3D printers for both operational and customer applications.

Register today and learn about machine shop applications for in-house 3D printing that can have an immediate impact on your shop’s output and bottom line.

Topics Covered:

  • Additive technologies vs. Subtractive technologies
  • 3D printing applications for machine shops
  • Maximizing shop ROI through 3D printer use
  • 3D printing materials for different applications


Posted by Heather Adams