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Origin One Tough Materials

Below is a list of Origin One Tough Materials
LOCTITE 3D 3172 High Impact by Henkel

//Durable, tough and impact resistant material, for functional applications that need to perform under stress and high load conditions.

LOCTITE® 3D 3172 High Impact by Henkel produces functional parts that require high stiffness with a good surface finish and high impact resistance. Attributes are similar to Polypropylene (PP). This material is impact-resistant and is ideal for tooling applications, manufacturing aids, brackets, jigs and fixtures, housings and consumer applications, such as insoles.

Key features:
• Superior impact strength
• Good surface finish
• Parts can be machined, tapped, or polished.
• Tested in QUV exterior weathering conditions (ASTM G-154) for 800 hours with less than a 15% change in tensile and impact properties.
• Color: Grey, Cyan, Clear

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LOCTITE 3D 3843 High Toughness by Henkel

//Great balance of strength, stiffness and toughness, with a stunning matte surface finish.

LOCTITE® 3D 3843 High Toughness by Henkel is a high-strength engineering polymer with good impact resistance and exceptional surface finish. Ideal for a wide variety of tools in the production floor. Attributes are similar to ABS. Ideal applications include functional production parts, enclosures, medical device housings or parts with Class A surface requirements. 

Key features:
• High heat deflection temperature, HDT 60°C (140°F)
• Tough with outstanding surface finish
• Superior strength and impact resistance
• Biocompatible
• Color: Black, clear

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Stratasys Dura56 by LOCTITE

//Durable, impact-resistant photopolymer with an exceptional surface finish and a low cost per kg.

Dura56 was created by Stratasys and LOCTITE® to address end-use and prototyping applications with high material consumption. Ideal for housings, parts with mating features or class A surfaces. Print more for less without sacrificing quality or strength.

Key features:
• 56 J/m notched Izod impact strength
• 78% elongation at break
• 44 MPa ultimate tensile strength
• Exceptional matte surface finish
• Low cost per part

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