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Origin One General Purpose Materials

Below is a list of Origin One General Purpose Materials

//Clear photopolymer with a smooth surface finish and good impact resistance. Ideal for mechanical guides, fluid ducts, and microfluidic devices. Also suitable for light pipe and packaging prototyping.

LOCTITE® 3D IND405 Clear is a one-part semi-rigid 3D printable resin with good impact strength and elongation. IND405 comes off the printer frosted but can be polished to an optically clear finish. This material can be machined, tapped and polished, and is ideal for microfluidic devices as well as guide overlays. Based on its unique set of performance attributes, its qualities are most comparable to unfilled polypropylene.

Key features:
• Good impact strength
• 120% elongation at break
• 52MPa ultimate tensile strength
• Heat deflection temperature: 53° C (127.4° F)
• Excellent surface quality
• Clear finish with secondary process

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Ultracur3D ST45 by BASF

//Reactive urethane photopolymer for tough applications that require a combination of high strength, long-term toughness and impact resistance.

Ultracur3D® ST45 by BASF is well suited for high-performance functional parts requiring high accuracy and mechanical strength. Biocompatible, with excellent surface quality and ability to produce super fine detail. Ideal applications include housings, enclosures, consumer facing components, parts requiring textures or highly detailed design features.

Key features:
• Excellent combination of high strength, toughness and impact resistance
• Very fast printing and post processing
• Low Viscosity
• Exceptional surface quality and accuracy
• Biocompatible (ISO 10993)
• Flammability: UL-94 (HB)
• Color: Black, clear

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SOMOS QuickGen 500 by Covestro

//Fast printing economical material with a good balance of flexibility and stiffness.

Somos® QuickGen 500 has unique flexibility; it is more flexible than other resins but stiffer than elastomers, offering both flexibility and spring back. The material has substantial elongation and a lower modulus, with no significant strain rate dependence on elongation at break. An economical resin, Somos® QuickGen 500 can quickly produce high volumes, due to its high printing speeds and fast post-processing. Ideal solutions include semi-flexible applications, applications with detailed features, fluid flow analysis.

Key features:
• Fast-printing
• Economical
• Good balance of flexibility and stiffness
• Accurate
• Near colorless

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