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March 9, 2022 | DyeMansion Webinar + Q&A Session: How to turn your GREY parts into GREAT parts?

dyemansion webinar

Title: How to turn your GREY parts into GREAT parts?

Date: March 9, 2022, 8:00 AM – 8:45 AM CST

Do you produce grey powder bed (e.g. MJF, SAF) parts that require a black color? You need a simple, automated & cost-effective solution You are pot dyeing today and are ready to bring your parts to the next level – because your customers are demanding skin-safe & 100% reproducible colors? Then we have a solution for you! Based on customer feedback and market research, DyeMansion designed a new, limited edition: The DM60 Black Line. dyemansion webinar

In combination with DyeMansion’s proven Powershot S for surfacing they call it the DM60 Black Line Bundle S which is exactly what you need to bring your pot dyeing set-up to the next level. Especially if you are aiming for producing high volume parts.

Learn from DyeMansion Application Consultant Lester Hitch how you can leverage this solution to turn your GREY MJF & SAF parts into GREAT black end-use parts which are skin-safe, UV resistant and reproducible, while keeping your costs low and ask R&D Engineer Annick Hemmerling, who developed the DM60 Black Line process, all your questions.


Posted by Heather Adams