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Maintain Productivity with Stratasys 3D Printing & AdvancedTek

March 17, 2020 News

As remote work becomes the new normal for many businesses at this time, we’d like to take a minute to remind our valued customers how your Stratasys 3D printer(s) and GrabCAD Print software can help you maintain productivity even when your presence at the office is greatly minimized:

  • Stratasys 3D printers provide reliable “lights-out” production 24/7
  • Easily monitor your printers, print jobs and material levels from anywhere with GrabCAD Print
  • Know exactly when your printer is finished or when errors occur via email notifications
  • Print immediately or schedule prints for later based on availability of any supported 3D printer in your organization
  • Optimize your queue on the fly to fit your ever-evolving schedule (e.g., run shorter prints when at the office and longer ones while away, schedule prints of same material back-to-back, etc.)
  • Create prototypes, manufacturing tools and replacement parts in-house to reduce reliance on outsource providers

Please know that our team will continue to support you and your additive manufacturing needs, including backup and overflow printing, 3D printing services, crucial printer repairs and shipping of supplies.

We’d also like to share that Stratasys is offering a live webinar series March 30 – April 3 featuring sessions that would have been featured at AMUG, including:

  • Deploying and Sustaining AM in Your Organization: A Guide for Transformation with Blueprint.
  • Implementing High End Additive Jigs, Fixtures and Tooling with General Motors.
  • J750™ Digital Anatomy™ Printer: Materials and Software with the Stratasys Healthcare Team.
  • Employing AM for Tooling Applications within the Racing Industry with Andrew Miller from Penske Motor Sports.

Stay tuned for more details on where you can watch and participate.

In the meantime, please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you continue to do business during this challenging time.

Posted by Heather Adams