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July 23, 2020: MakerBot Webinar – Engineering an Evolving Hardware Product: The METHOD Platform

MakerBot evolving hardware

When buying a hardware product the biggest fear for customers is if the product will outgrow their needs. Traditionally, hardware upgrades only occur when the next generation of the physical product is released.

However, with the rise of connected and modular devices, hardware customers can now experience evolving products with constant updates that we have become accustomed to with software.

If you bought a METHOD at launch in late 2018, you were able to print with two materials. Fast forward to today, and that same METHOD can print in over a dozen materials utilizing three new swappable extruders, and multiple software based feature additions and performance improvements.

In this edition of the PRO Webcast Series, we will talk about how we went about designing the MakerBot METHOD to be an upgradeable platform and how those upgrades are benefiting customers new and old. We’ll also share secrets and best practices from our engineering team that can be applied to designing your own hardware products.

Featured Speakers:

  • Shawn Miely: PRO Segment Manager
  • Vishnu Anantha: Hardware Design Lead
  • Eric Macneil: Mechanical Engineering Manager


Posted by Heather Adams