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How Valiant TMS Improved Ergonomics and Reduce Costs – With Stratasys’ Origin One 3D Printer

January 23, 2024 Customer Stories

Valiant TMS has utilized the Stratasys’ Origin One P3 printer to produce tooling and replacement parts for companies that provide intelligent factory automation solutions for major blue-chip automotive and aerospace companies.

How Valiant TMS Put Their Origin One 3D Printer to Use: Adrian Pop, Valiant TMS Additive Manufacturing Liaison, shared an example of how they put the Origin One to work, making the handle of a larger tool used in the auto industry. According to Pop, the tool is used by an operator eight hours per day, so ergonomics play a significant role, including weight and finish. “Weight, it’s a big thing in manual tools. We created this part using (Loctite® 3D) 3172, which is a high-impact resistant material. It provides a good surface finish,” he says. It’s another reason the Origin One appeals to manufacturers – in addition to producing a finish similar to injection molding, it 3D prints with a wide range of photopolymers.

Also 3D printing speed is another vital requirement to meet customer demand and expectations, which the Origin One delivers. Adrian Pop continues, “In comparison with traditional manufacturing, you’ll need two days to produce this part using a five-axis CNC machine and one operator. With additive, we can produce this part in a maximum of five hours.” And that includes setup and post-processing.

Much of the work like this involves one-of-a-kind parts, which is why AM is the perfect solution. Referring to the work of the AM lab Adrian Pop states, “We are not a volume-based production here. It’s based on the tool, and all the tools are different from project to project. One other advantage of using additive instead of traditional manufacturing in this situation is we are able to produce this part at a fraction of the cost in comparison to traditional machining.”

Posted by Heather Adams