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HNI and Genesis Systems named as one of 9 most high-tech businesses in the Q-C

July 1, 2018 Uncategorized

Using everything from virtual and augmented reality to robotics engineering, local industry leaders say they are working to drive a technological revolution. 

Several startup companies and tech leaders are hoping to join the “Silicon Prairie” surrounding Iowa, Missouri and Kansas, where Midwest entrepreneurs are banking on the cash crop of technology. And as more tech advancements are announced in the Q-C — last week brought the announcements of an esports gaming center and new virtual reality equipment at Exelon — local industries hope to lead the high-tech movement.

“Innovation is vital for economic growth because not only does it improve the value and competitiveness of existing companies and products, but it can also lead to the creation of new business and industry,” Chief Economic Development Officer Liz Murray Tallman, with the Quad-Cities Chamber of Commerce, said. “Throughout history, communities that value innovation … are the ones that adapt to and succeed in an ever-changing world.”

While dozens of companies are utilizing some of the latest technology across the region, here’s are some of the most high-tech businesses and organizations across the Q-C.

Posted by Heather Adams