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A Helpful Hand from Our Friends at MSS

September 27, 2017 News

Midwest Special Services (MSS) has been providing individualized programs and supports to people with intellectual and physical disabilities to help them reach their personal goals and achieve their full potential since 1949. They are committed to identifying the barriers that their participants face, and then building customized plans to help them overcome those barriers.

Last year MSS connected with AdvancedTek to obtain a 3D printer so that the people they serve have the ability to take an idea and transform it into a tangible object.  Josh Franzen, Project Manager at MSS, says, “The greatest benefit [of having the Mojo] has been the printer’s ability to act as a teacher of transferable skills in a unique and memorable way. It allows us to increase participants planning, critical thinking, reasoning and creative skills. Also, it enhances communication and collaboration skills, problem solving, and multi-step tasks.”

MSS 3D Printing Lab

Recently, MSS came to AdvancedTek for assistance with an overflow print project. They had a great idea to 3D print custom rings for a wine bottle ring toss game at their annual charity event, but with a desired quantity of eighty they knew it would be much more time efficient to have them printed on a larger printer.  To keep MSS participants involved with the project, AdvancedTek invited a group from the organization to our office for lunch, tour our TekCenter and assist with the printing of these rings that they designed. Check out the video MSS created from their visit!

MSS’s 3D printed rings.

“It was inspiring to see how engaged everyone was as they interacted with me and my colleagues in our office,” said Matt Havekost, AdvancedTek’s VP of Sales. “The hands-on experience with 3D printing technology not only created an opportunity for learning and exploring new skills and ideas, but also fostered an opportunity to share their existing talents and abilities with us.  The 3D printing program at MSS is a tremendous program and AdvancedTek is happy to help support efforts to leverage technology to create learning and sharing experiences for the people they serve.”

(L) Joyce has been with MSS for 40 years. Said she “loved being able to print the rings and operate the machines!” (R) Linda has been with MSS for 14 years. Said she “enjoyed the atmosphere at AdvancedTek and how helpful everyone was and grateful to be able to touch and feel all of the parts and 3D printers.”

Posted by Heather Adams