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GrabCad Print Releases Version 1.12

November 13, 2017 News

Today GrabCAD released its 12th round of updates, improvements, and enhancement to GrabCAD Print, the software solution that makes 3D printing easy and accessible.

GrabCAD Print checks for updates on startup and will prompt you to update the next time you open the app. If you’re using GrabCAD Print in Offline Mode, you will need to manually update your components here: GrabCAD Print desktop app and GrabCAD Job Manager (for J750 users only).

Job History Available Directly in App — Now you can access the job history for your local printers from the Reports View in the GrabCAD Print desktop app. This will greatly help users in Offline Mode, since this report was previously only available on the Reports page online after setting up GrabCAD Print Server. (History for PolyJet systems, remote printers, and CSV export not yet available.)

New PolyJet Materials Available — New advanced PolyJet materials have just been launched by Stratasys, and are now supported by GrabCAD Print. Learn more about Agilus, VeroFlex, and DABS2 Plus.

Improved Reliability for Android App — The Android app would sometimes report a failure to find printers if the account had a lot of printers connected. We’ve increased the timeout so this should no longer occur.

Additional Updates:

  • 2 GB individual file size and tray size limit has been removed.
  • No longer blocked from switching to Schedule View while another operation is in progress.

Known Limitations:

  • Splitting a large model over multiple jobs is only possible with Insight or Catalyst.
  • GrabCAD Print cannot be installed globally for all Windows users and must be installed individually by each user on the PC.
  • The Schedule View cannot be used to specify a delayed start time for a job.
  • Remote connections via GrabCAD Print Server are not supported for PolyJet printers.
  • For a list of features available in Insight or Control Center, click here.
Posted by Heather Adams