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Avid Outdoorsman, Longtime Federal Fan, Gets an Extra Push

February 15, 2019 Uncategorized

If there’s an opportunity to hunt, you won’t find Craig Simpson at home.

Simpson, an avid outdoorsman and Federal Ammunition customer, participates in every hunting or fishing outing he can, leading him on many hunts for elk, turkey, antelope, pheasant and more.

After an accident in 1992, Simpson needs a functioning powerchair to pursue his hunting passion. The powerchair he has used for the past 27 years has gotten him to the site of numerous successful hunts. That is, until just before the holidays, when Simpson discovered there was just enough damage to the teeth on one of his powerchair’s drive gears to make the wheelchair inoperable. After several phone calls and a thorough eBay search, Craig discovered the gear was obsolete.

He searched for a different hunting powerchair to adapt with no luck. The new powerchairs were expensive, uncovered by insurance and had small wheels that would more easily get clogged in the outdoor elements in comparison to his current larger-wheeled chair.

Posted by Heather Adams