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August 20-22, 2018: UAS Summit & Expo – Grand Forks, ND

The 12th annual UAS Summit & Expo—set in Grand Forks, North Dakota, near the heart of some of the most prominent U.S. UAS activity currently happening—is set to showcase and explain the evolution of UAVs while revealing the current state of the commercial UAS industry.

AdvancedTek is excited to have been chosen as a speaker for the event, sharing how additive manufacturing technology is currently being used in the design and production of UAVs. Join AdvancedTek’s Jesse Hanssen as he highlights the latest developments in additive technology relevant to the industry and shares a glimpse of upcoming technologies that UAS manufacturers need to be aware of as solutions to their design and production challenges. 

Learn more about this event and view the agenda here.

Posted by Heather Adams