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Attend Our Design Thinking & 3D Printing Seminar This Friday!

LightBulbs There are many technical challenges in developing products in today’s crowded marketplace. Designers and engineers must try to build confidence in their designs early in the development cycle by thinking differently and including their users in the design feedback loop.

Design Thinking is a methodology that is fast becoming a mainstay in business strategy all around the world. It is centered around creativity, empathy, and putting the user’s needs as the heart of the problem.



Join us this Friday, March 25th, along with Caleb Vainikka, 3D Printing and Design Thinking enthusiast, for a brief introduction to the Design Thinking methodology and discussions on:

  • How the Product Development industry can quickly validate product requirements using Design Thinking
  • Personal experiences using Design Thinking and 3D printing to quickly test ideas and concepts to solve problems
  • How to ensure the best solution is the one you find in the design/development process



About Caleb Vainikka:

Caleb Vainikka is a mechanical design engineer experienced in industrial equipment, medical devices, consumer electronics, and connected IoT products. His background at MTS Systems and Logic PD gave him an appreciation for Industrial Design and user-centric product design.

Posted by Heather Adams