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Ask a 3D Printing Expert: What are the main differences between GrabCAD Print and Insight?

May 4, 2023 News

If you have used a Stratasys 3D printer within the last 20 Years, odds are you have used either GrabCAD Print or Insight 3D printing software. GrabCAD Print is a no-cost software tool that is primarily used for preparing 3D models for printing on Stratasys 3D printers. It provides a user-friendly interface for importing, repairing, and orienting 3D models before sending them to the printer. It supports the majority of Stratasys printers and uses streamlined process flows and drop-down menus for standard steps such as orientation, infill, and support types. Additionally, it includes features such as automated model preparation, tray optimization, and the ability to monitor print jobs remotely. GrabCAD Print was designed to be used by a broad range of users, from engineers to designers, who need to quickly and easily print their day-to-day print jobs.

Insight, on the other hand, is a more advanced software tool that is available for Stratasys FDM systems F370, F370CR, Fortus 450mc, F770, and F900. It is primarily used for controlling the internal parameters such as layer thickness, infill density, and part orientation. Insight was designed for use by experienced users who need to fine-tune their printing settings on a layer-by-layer basis using custom groups to achieve specific outcomes. For example, if you need to remove some supports to put in hardware during a build, it’s not an issue. If you need to increase density and strength for a forming tool, you can change the air gaps and thicken the toolpaths. Additionally, if there are any unnecessary supports, you can hide your toolpath curves for a better view of your supports and delete what you don’t need. Insight gives you control of these settings.

It’s understandable if you became lost in some of the technical jargon. Insight is powerful but requires time to learn. Fortunately, AdvancedTek has an Insight Training course available onsite at our St. Paul TekCenter. Please contact us to learn more!


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Posted by Heather Adams