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April 15, 2020: PostProcess Webinar – Driving Time and Cost Savings for the 3D Printing Resin Removal Process

PostProcess Webinar Resin Removal


SLA Bottle, Before & AfterIf you’re still using IPA and TPM for resin removal for SLA, DLP, CLIP and DLS, then you know it can be a messy and cumbersome process. Learn more on this webinar about a ground-breaking resin removal system that processes 5 times as many parts before detergent saturation versus IPA, with typical cycle times of 5-10 minutes.

Date: April 15, 2020
Time: 10:30 AM CST
Speaker: Francesca Baird, Technical Trainer – PostProcess Technologies

In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll discover an automated intelligent solution that will significantly increase the throughput and consistency of post-printing resin-based 3D printed parts, while reducing operator time and improving work environment.


Posted by Heather Adams