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AdvancedTek Welcomes Two New Team Members

February 27, 2017 News

JESSE HANSSEN, Business Development, South Dakota & Nebraska

Jesse has spent most of his professional career in the 3D printing industry. After achieving his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Notre Dame, Jesse signed on to help Klock Werks, a local South Dakota custom motorcycle shop, begin their evolution from a custom bike shop to a renowned supplier of aftermarket motorcycle accessories. During his tenure at Klock Werks, Jesse was the end-user of a Stratasys Titan 3D printer that was loaned to Klock Werks during the filming of an episode of Biker Build-Off for the Discovery Channel.

The freedom of design and possibilities that 3D printing brought to the effort triggered Jesse’s interest in the technology and led to a career as an Application Engineer at Stratasys beginning in 2007. There he utilized his technical skills and love of the technology to help Stratasys customers implement 3D printing and develop new and creative ways to use their equipment. In 2012, Jesse moved into product management, taking responsibility for the development of the Fortus line of 3D printers.

In 2014 Jesse left Stratasys to return to his roots in South Dakota, where he managed the sales and marketing department for Sioux Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial water heaters, steam generators, steam cleaners, and hot-water pressure washers for the concrete, oil, and mining industries. During a fortuitous encounter at the South Dakota Manufacturer’s Conference in 2016, Jesse met with Jack Sargent, CEO of AdvancedTek, and found an opportunity to re-enter the 3D printing industry while maintaining his Sioux Falls residence.

As a business development professional for AdvancedTek, Jesse is applying his expertise in the 3D printing industry to solve the challenges of South Dakota and Nebraska businesses. He integrates his unique technical background and experience with the business knowledge he developed through his MBA coursework and the experience he gained as part of the management team at Sioux Corporation. This knowledge allows Jesse to help businesses achieve their strategic objectives by identifying inefficiencies in their design and manufacturing processes and by implementing targeted solutions with additive technology.

You can contact Jesse at or 612-710-6201.

TY LARSON, B.S., R.T., Medical/Life Sciences Business Development

Ty has more than 15 years’ experience in the Healthcare industry, with an extensive background in Technical Sales, Consulting, Emerging technologies, Capital Medical Equipment and Channel Development. Prior to joining AdvancedTek, Ty held Strategic positions at Philips Medical Systems for multiple years, including PACS Sales Specialist and Senior Account Executive for the Medical Capital Equipment Division. Ty has also held memberships in a variety of healthcare organizations including ARRT, RSNA, and HIMSS.

A native of Minnesota, Ty holds a Bachelor of Science degree from SCSU and served in the United States Army, receiving diplomas from the United States Academy of Health Sciences in San Antonio, Texas in Radiology and General Medicine.

Ty is passionate and a highly motivated hands-on executive professional committed to putting the customers’ experience first and always encouraging those around him to share his visions of what can be accomplished using emerging technologies for better patient outcomes in Healthcare.

You can contact Ty at or 612-961-8407.




Posted by Heather Adams